Attention: All consultants, coaches, authors, speakers,
experts, bloggers and podcasters…

the future of business is here
(and the future is you!)

In the world of business, a new day is dawning.


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  • Fact 1

    The ‘old’ way of doing business just doesn’t work anymore.

    Conducting ‘business as usual’ is NOT getting us the businesses— or the life—we want.

    That’s because it’s based on a tired formula of faceless companies that peddle ‘copy-cat’ products and services.

    Identical products force us to compete on price, shrink our profits and leave our customers dissatisfied.

    Building a business in this environment is almost IMPOSSIBLE.

    We need a NEW, FRESH way of looking at things…

  • Fact 2

    Today’s world is built on the currency of RELATIONSHIPS and TRUST.

    People want to deal with other people—not a cold, inanimate corporate structure.

    We want to ‘know, love and trust’ the individual behind any business.

    Life in this Social Media Age is ALL about P2P
    (people-to-people) interactions.

    We ignore the Relationship Revolution at our peril.

  • Fact 3

    The only way to truly gain, protect and propel your business success is to build it on the foundation of YOU and YOUR RELATIONSHIPS.

    The handwriting is on the wall.

    Building a Business of You IS the future.

    The only question that remains is—are YOU ready?

Sick And Tired of the
Entrepreneurial Rat Race?

Let’s face it.

Being an entrepreneur can be EXHAUSTING.

Not only do we juggle dozens of different roles every single day, we do so in an environment of constant change.

There’s ALWAYS something new we need to ‘figure out’.

We bounce from one business idea, platform or tactic to another, trying to keep our heads above water.

But most of the time, we simply can’t keep up.

It really feels like we’re chasing an elusive rainbow.

and (way too often) Underpaid.

Not exactly the entrepreneurial dream of freedom and financial flush we signed up for!

A Message From Youpreneur
Founder Chris Ducker A Message From Youpreneur
Founder Chris Ducker

I can totally relate.

I too am a graduate from Entrepreneurial
Burnout University.

I too spent YEARS creating businesses that—even though
they were super successful—drained my energy and took
me away from the things and people I love.

I was on a hamster wheel of my own making.

I spent my (14 hour) days, constantly REACTING to the
ever-changing world around me.


I was tired…in every imaginable way.

I needed to change.

Even though my background was in the traditional ‘old school’ bricks and mortar world, I found myself captivated by the relationship-building possibilities of online.

I started to devote more and more time to my blog, my podcast, videos and social media.

Without even knowing it, I created my own PERSONAL BRAND.

And I was shocked at how quickly EVERYTHING changed.

I mean everything.

Almost overnight, I was inundated with interview requests, a flood of new private consultation clients and countless invitations to speak.

My Personal Brand was the BEST THING to ever happen to my business and my life.

In 2014, I coined a term—Youpreneur– to describe this new Business of You model.

A Youpreneur is defined as a

‘smart savvy entrepreneur who builds
a thriving, timeless business on the
strong foundation of his or her brand’.

Rise of The

As a Youpreneur, your business is based on YOU.

Your personality, experience, values, solutions and talents.

As a Youpreneur, you no longer will be controlled by the latest business fad or formula.

All you need to do is understand who YOU are.

As a Youpreneur, your entrepreneurial rat race will be officially over.

You have an UNFAIR advantage.

(The only question is are you willing to use it?)

  • Being a Youpreneur gives you an UNFAIR advantage simply because you are unique.

    No one—absolutely no one—can compete with you or ‘copy’ you.

    You will be protected—100% FUTURE PROOF.

    PLUS… your business will no longer be ‘just’ about a product or service but will be built on the timelessness of your personality and the relationships you nurture.

    You will be free to expand your business according to your interests and no longer be ‘hemmed in’ by one product.

  • And please remember that a Youpreneur refers not just to YOU… but to all the YOUS you serve. Your followers. Your tribe.

    Because the whole point of Youpreneur-ship is to share what you know so that OTHER PEOPLE can live better lives.

    That is precisely why Youpreneur is not just a cute name or slick sales slogan. It’s a MOVEMENT.

    A beautiful new way of doing business.

    That will utterly transform your world.

    And the world of everyone who is lucky enough
    to be in your universe.

Introducing The
Youpreneur Academy

So the question is HOW can you become a Youpreneur?

You need to define who you are, pinpoint your ideal client, build a presence online and then market and monetize your Youpreneur business.

To do all of that on your own would be almost impossible.

Which is PRECISELY why we created the Youpreneur Academy.

At the Academy, you get EVERYTHING you will ever need to create your very own Personal Brand of Magic.

When you enter our campus, you access a complete

Youpreneur roadmap, a world-class library of resources and a community to encourage and support you.

Not to mention, you will quite literally get access to the greatest minds on the planet when it comes to running successful Youpreneur-ships.

Luminaries like Jay Baer, Nathan Chan, Pat Flynn, Lewis Howes, Amy Porterfield, Joe Pulizzi, Darren Rowse, James Schramko, Carrie Wilkerson and Gary Vaynerchuk…

Think of it as the Cambridge University for today’s savvy entrepreneurs.

"What I LOVE about Chris is his real talk and 'No BS' business advice. His bricks and mortar background adds a tangible grit to the real life advice and action steps he gives. With Chris, I am learning to build more than a brand or course, I am building a rock solid business."

lisa woodruff

So What Exactly Do I Get?

The Youpreneur Academy is built on 3 pillars:

Our world-class training library

Our exclusive roadmap

Our supportive community

  • The Library

    When you enter our campus, you will get IMMEDIATE access to our exclusive Acceleration Library which delivers over 300 hours of training videos, workshops, done-for-you blueprints, live keynotes, private expert interviews and bonus resources.
    Our library is World-Class, always growing
    and includes the following:

  • Our Live Monthly Masterminds

    Our monthly masterminds cover
    a wide variety of topics including:

    • Book Writing and Marketing
    • Brand Building through Live Video
    • Email Marketing—Building Lists, Nurturing and Converting Leads
    • Mindset, Goal Setting and Personal Growth
    • Online Course Creation and Marketing
    • Podcast Marketing
    • SEO Strategies
    • Team Management
    • Webinar Creation and Presentation
  • Our Signature “Process Blueprint” Collection

    The Blueprints give you step-by-step instructions on many crucial
    processes including how to:

    • Boost Your Revenue with Affiliate Marketing
    • Create a Successful Webinar
    • Design and Sell a Digital Online Product
    • Develop an Evergreen Content Marketing Strategy
    • Implement a Viable Pricing Strategy
    • Market Your Book Successfully
    • Run a Successful Coaching Call
  • Our First-Class Expert Workshops

    Our vast library of workshops (33+ and counting!) give guidance on how to handle common challenges such as:

    • Becoming a Well-Paid Speaker
    • Building a Content Calendar
    • Designing Your Personal Brand
    • Getting Started With Facebook Ads
    • Implementing Solid Systems & Processes
    • Keeping Your Clients Forever
    • Launching Your Podcast
    • Planning a New Product Launch
    • Setting Up Your YouTube Channel

Learn From and Succeed Alongside
Youpreneurs Like:

Berndt Standhaft Business Storyteller

Kelly Baader Online Marketing

Jason Stevens Digital Tools Expert

Kamal Ellis-Hyman Motivational Youth

Roger Edwards Marketing, Content, And
Social Media Strategist

Tess Whitty Marketing Trainer For
Freelancers And

Jason Resnick E-commerce Growth

Caroline Mccullough Author & Business Coach

The Roadmap

Every important journey needs a map.
That’s precisely why we have created a detailed 3-track
Youpreneur roadmap just for you:

Track #1 BUILD your personal brand

In this section we will cover how to…

  • Define You. Articulate your purpose and identity your unique assets.
  • Define Your Customer. Identify your perfect customers and how you can best serve them.
  • Build Your Online Presence. Discover the best way to build a well-branded website and compelling content.
  • Set Up Your Social Media. Map out an excellent strategy, discover how to use the right images and perfect your social bio.

Track #2 MARKET your personal brand

In this section we will cover how to…

  • Create Content. Learn how to share excellent information while simultaneously spreading your unique message.
  • Establish Your Authority. Discover the easy way to become a recognized, respected expert in your field.
  • Build Relationships. Find out how to expand your brand’s reach through the magic of P2P (person to person) marketing.
  • Email Market. Master the art of lead generation and conversion through emails.

Track #3 MONETIZE your personal brand

In this section we will cover how to…

  • Identify valuable product concepts. Find out how to quickly validate product ideas that your audience needs and wants.
  • Leverage proven monetization methods. Uncover the 5 most lucrative ways to make money.
  • Create a pricing and launch strategy. Learn how to optimally price your solutions and successfully launch them.
  • Deliver excellent customer service. Discover how great customer service will nourish and grow your brand.

“I’ve been posting [my growth record] in the forums as regularly as I can and it’s amazing, when you start to log that progress, how momentum seems to build. It’s a combination of the personal accountability it brings, the public encouragement it attracts and the group feedback it generates to refine what you do. Plus, a few months in, you suddenly see how far you’ve come, and that drives you even more.”

colin gray

The Youpreneur
Academy Community

The Youpreneur
Academy Community

A Youpreneur business is built on RELATIONSHIPS. So it’s not at all surprising that the real magic of our Youpreneur Academy lies in our COMMUNITY.

Think of it as the central café on this most elite campus—the place where you will rub shoulders with the best of the best.

It is a rich and vibrant place where you will meet like-minded entrepreneurs who want to do things differently. Together you will share success secrets, practical tips and ‘lessons learned’ as well as give each other encouragement and support.

Our conversations all take place in our private Facebook group where you can even find accountability partners.

Apart from the private Facebook group, you will have dozens of opportunities to meet
Youpreneur Academy members in person through mini-masterminds and meet ups.

“Plus the community is just fantastic, I’m so happy to come here a few times a week and get ideas, give support and receive it too. I know I can’t build my business on my own and I know my business will be successful because of my efforts and this group – cheers to Chris for bringing us together!”

lara loest

And There’s More…!

But that’s not all. Because we will also share some unbelievable
bonuses the minute you check into Youpreneur Academy.

You will get access to…

  • 1) The ‘Live Event Keynote’ Collection ($2500 Value)

    You will get FRONT ROW ACCESS to a treasure chest of keynotes including recordings from our super-exclusive Tropical Think Tank annual retreat (cost per ticket is $4500+!), our Youpreneur Summit and other Live Events. Speakers include entrepreneurial superstars like Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield, Jadah Sellner, Jeff Goins, Amy Schmittauer, Joel Comm, Carrie Wilkerson, and Lewis Howes./

  • 2) The Bestseller Book Marketing Masterclass
    ($497 Value)

    A book is one of the most important assets for any Youpreneur. In this Video Training, Chris will share with you everything he did to market his first book, Virtual Freedom and get it on multiple best-seller lists.

  • 3) The iTunes Podcast Launch Masterclass ($497 Value)

    Podcasting is hands down one of the BEST ways to market your brand. In this video workshop, Chris shows you step-by-step how you can get to the top of the charts with your next podcast launch.

What About The Investment?

The world needs to be FULL of successful Youpreneurs.

That’s precisely why we have kept the investment to join our Academy as low as possible.

You can choose to pay $59 monthly or get our most popular annual package where you save a whopping $150.

Just think.

These affordable prices translates into an investment of less than $2 a day—probably less than you pay for a cup of coffee!

Here’s a wrap-up of everything you will get:



  • 3 Track, 12 Part ‘Youpreneur Roadmap’
  • Full Access to Community Forums
  • Full Access to Acceleration Library
  • Live Monthly Mastermind Calls
  • Complete ‘Process Blueprint’ Collection
  • Unlimited Access to Monthly Workshops
  • BONUS: Free Access to the
    ‘Live Event Keynote’ Collection
  • BONUS: Free Access to the Bestseller
    Book Marketing Masterclass
  • BONUS: Free Access to the iTunes
    Podcast Launch Masterclass


30 Day No Asked Money Back Guarantee

We’re extremely confident that you’ll find being part of the Youpreneur Academy useful in more ways than one. But, if for whatever reason you don’t feel the same, just let us know at any point in your first 30-days and we’ll send you a full refund. Guaranteed.

"What I LOVE about Chris is his real talk and 'No BS' business advice. His bricks and mortar background adds a tangible grit to the real life advice and action steps he gives. With Chris, I am learning to build more than a brand or course, I am building a rock solid business."

lisa woodruff


Here are some answers to the questions we get most frequently…

Q: How do I know if Youpreneur is right for me?

If you’re a brand building entrepreneur that’s struggling to take your business to the next level, being a member of the Youpreneur Academy WILL help you.

It’s been proven time and time again that if you learn from the best and surround yourself with likeminded people, your success will soar. The Youpreneur Academy is a place that is focused on making sure that nobody gets left behind in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

We’re a family and we make sure that we ALL succeed.

Q: What kind of results can I expect to get from the Youpreneur Academy?

While we obviously can’t ‘guarantee’ results, our participants in the Academy tell us that when they take action, they see a DIRECT effect on their business momentum—from growth to profits.

Inside the community, we PROMISE to provide you with absolutely everything you need—the best expert know-how, support, encouragement and accountability and a roadmap that will allow you to build, market and monetize your Youpreneurship.

Q: How much time will I need to invest in the Youpreneur Academy?

You’ll get out of Youpreneur Academy exactly what you put into it!

Some of our members are inside the community daily (it shows in their amazing success!). Some log-in a couple of times each week to catch up, brainstorm and consume a little content.

The fact is, it's different for everyone. However, with that being said we recommend logging in as regularly as you can to chart your growth with our exclusive Growth Records, connect with other members, and revel in the support, opportunities, and accountability.

Q: Does your video training include closed captions?

Right now the videos in our library do not include closed captions however it's something we're working on so stay tuned for updates!

Q: Can I cancel my membership and get a refund?

The Youpreneur Academy membership is billed on a monthly or annual basis. Because of this we operate on a no-refund policy except for in the first 30-days of your membership, when you can cancel at any time, and will receive a full refund

If at some point you feel that the community is no longer a fit, just let us know and we'll cancel your membership. You'll have access right up to the end of your membership period, and you'll not be charged again.

However, if you join the community and genuinely take action, you’ll never want to leave, let alone a refund!

the future of business is here
(and the future is you!)



  • 3 Track, 12 Part ‘Youpreneur Roadmap’
  • Full Access to Community Forums
  • Full Access to Acceleration Library
  • Live Monthly Mastermind Calls
  • Complete ‘Process Blueprint’ Collection
  • Unlimited Access to Monthly Workshops
  • BONUS: Free Access to the
    ‘Live Event Keynote’ Collection
  • BONUS: Free Access to the Bestseller
    Book Marketing Masterclass
  • BONUS: Free Access to the iTunes
    Podcast Launch Masterclass