Workshop Guidelines

Thank You for Sharing Your Experience and Knowledge with the Youpreneur Academy Community!

Youpreneur is an exclusive community (both public and behind closed, paid, doors) of hard-working entrepreneurs from all over the world, serving all types of niches. They’re dedicated to building the best possible business for themselves around their personality, unique experience and those that they wish to serve. No matter what stage of business entrepreneurs are at, Youpreneur is a supportive, productive environment where no one gets left behind.

Our target readers are experts, leaders, and influencers who identify with being called authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, live-streamers, YouTubers, content creators, etc.

Our Workshop Contributors have been selected as we know their content will enhance the Youpreneur content library by sharing original, actionable, ‘know-how’ content with our readers that is focused on one of the four core elements of the Youpreneur Roadmap: 

  • Building: Tips on how to BUILD a personal brand business and do it with purpose.
  • Marketing: Strategies to help MARKET a personal brand business.
  • Monetizing: Tactics on how to turn a personal brand into non-stop REVENUE.
  • Growth: Strategies to GROW your personal brand business and take it to the next level

Contributor Guidelines

1. In case you don’t have our font installed on your computer already, we’ve included it in our resources file below. Please be sure to use it for the presentation.

2. You’ll also find both Keynote (Mac) and PowerPoint (PC) templates that you can use for the FIRST slide and the LAST slide (the one with just the logo and YoupreneurAcademy URL) of your presentation.

3. Kindly make sure that your presentation slide deck is recorded in WIDESCREEN, 16:9 ratio format and in stereo audio, at dimensions of at least 1280×720, so that we keep a consistent theme across all workshops and so that quality is solid for uploading.

4. You do not *need* to be on camera throughout the workshop – although a quick video message at the beginning is encouraged, if you’re up for it – to give it that ‘personal’ touch.

5. All workshops should be a minimum of 30-minutes, maximum of 45-minutes.