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To compliment the book and it’s message and to help you get started on making the moves needed to build a successful future-proof business, we’ve created the ‘Official Companion Workbook’. 

This 17-page guide will walk you through each section, one by one, highlighting all biggest takeaways from each chapter, to fast-track your entire ‘Rise of the Youpreneur’ experience. To get YOUR copy of the workbook for FREE, all you need to do is the following:

  • Step 1: Hop over to Amazon and submit an honest review (we prefer ‘nice’ ones, obviously!)
  • Step 2: Amazon will send you an email confirming your review. Send it onto youpreneur@chrisducker.com
  • Step 3: We’ll send the Companion Workbook to you upon receipt, directly via email!

Here are the rest of the resources promised throughout the book, plus a few more extras!


To access all of the Process Blueprint that Chris mentions in the book – plus a few more – simply click the button below.


The following videos are exclusively available inside the Youpreneur Community. They are part of an ever-growing acceleration library which is added to monthly, to help you continue to learn, plan and grow your business.

First up, enjoying this brilliant conversation with Gary Vaynerchuk on the subject of personal brand building for the future. Chris and Gary touch on a lot of stuff he’s never even spoken about before, and the conversation is about as important for all us Youpreneurs to listen to, as any other you’re likely to discover… anywhere!

Next up is the amazing Amy Porterfield. She’s is a genius when it comes to listening to her audience and serving up content (and courses!) that’ll help solve their problems. Amy and Chris breakdown the exact steps you need to follow in order to create and launch your first online course successfully – and have a lot of fun in the process!


Direct from the book, here’s a complete list of all the resources mentioned, plus a few more that we’ve added here, just on this page that’ll help you take your Youpreneur game to the next level.

You’ll note that we’ve followed Chris’ focus on the Build, Market, Monetize premise of the book, to make things easy for you to discover!


  • Unsplash.com & Pexels.com – Free images to use with your blog posts, social media images and more.
  • PickFu.com – Brilliant tool to use to come up with website taglines, book titles, product names and more. So easy to use, too.
  • Crowdfireapp.com – Manage your followers on Twitter and Instagram, do targeted following and unfollowing, and schedule posts.
  • Canva.com – Drag-and-drop, cloud-based graphic design app you can use to create great looking images and artwork for social media.
  • PlagiarismChecker.com – Check written content for duplicated content online – it’s important to be original, right?!
  • ChrisDucker.com/Bluehost – A special link to get a discounted rate from the company all first-timers should check out for web hosting.
  • ChrisDucker.com/WPEngine – The best hosting company on the planet for serious online entrepreneurs. We love everything about them.
  • CoSchedule.com – Brilliant content calendar software for WordPress users.
  • ConvertKit.com/Youpreneur – Our preferred email marketing provider. Use that special link and get a full months service for FREE!


  • MeetEdgar.com – Schedule and manage all your social media posts in advance, from one dashboard. We use this at Youpreneur HQ.
  • SlideShare.net – Online presentation sharing platform. Perfect for repurposing your blog, video and podcast content.
  • LeadPages.com – Landing page app that makes it easy to ‘build’ different pages, forms and more into your existing website experience.
  • PowerUpPodcasting.com – The definitive course on how to create, market and monetize a podcast by Pat Flynn.


  • 1000 True Fans – Essential reading by Kevin Kelly. How many subscribers do you really need to succeed?
  • SurveyMonkey.com – Simple to use, yet powerful tool that’ll help you validate your ideas, to make sure you hit the ground running.
  • ChrisDucker.com/SamCart – Awesome shopping cart software. Chris uses it. Easy to setup, and get started with selling online fast.
  • Teachable.com – Great place to build your online courses if you don’t want to host them on your own servers. Easy to use.


Inside of the Youpreneur Community we have one additional track to our Youpreneur Roadmap, which comes after the ‘Monetization’ stage. It’s simply entitled GROWTH. The following resources will help you grow your business, your mindset and your bank balance even further, with a focus on long-term growth.

  • VirtualStaffFinder.com – Sooner or later, you’ll need help. VSF can help you find top quality, experienced virtual staff to help you run, support and grow your business. This company is owned and operated by Chris.
  • UpWork.com – Just got a few tasks you want to offload to freelancers? This job posting site will help you get it done.
  • Slack.com – Quite frankly, the best collaboration tool on the planet. Nothing comes close. We use it every day at the Youpreneur HQ.
  • ChooseMuse.com – Meditation app. We all need to ‘chill’ a little more! We love the real-time ‘scores’ you get after each session.
  • The Miracle Morning – This international bestselling book by Hal Elrod changed a whole lot about how I tackle each day. Check it out.


Helpful training, content rich videos from Chris that’ll help you get quick answers to recurring questions:

Podcast episodes selected directly by Chris to help you fast-track your learning and growth:

Listen to the entire archive of Youpreneur.FM episodes (well over 200 and counting!) at Youpreneur.FM