Rise of the Youpreneur – PERSONAL Bonus Package!


To compliment the book and it’s message and to help you get started on making the moves needed to build a successful future-proof business, we’ve created the ‘Official Companion Workbook’. 

This 17-page guide will walk you through each section, one by one, highlighting all biggest takeaways from each chapter, to fast-track your entire ‘Rise of the Youpreneur’ experience. To get YOUR copy of the workbook for FREE, all you need to do is the following:

  • Step 1: Hop over to Amazon and submit an honest review (we prefer ‘nice’ ones, obviously!)
  • Step 2: Amazon will send you an email confirming your review. Send it onto youpreneur@chrisducker.com
  • Step 3: We’ll send the Companion Workbook to you upon receipt, directly via email!


Process Blueprint Archive – To access all of the Process Blueprint that Chris mentions in the book – plus a few more – simply click the links below. Please note, these blueprints are for your own personal use – any unauthorized use anywhere online, or offline is prohibited.

Business Building for Busy People eGuide

It’s not easy building a business is an ever-evolving, ever changing world.

But… don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

This guide highlights five key strategies that can instantly help get an extra hour of work time into your day, so that you can get more done in less time. It’s not available to the public and only for readers of the book!

To download the book directly to your computer, just right click + ‘save as’.

Expert Positioning Workshop with Chris Ducker

In this exclusive workshop, taken directly from the acceleration library inside of the Youpreneur Community, Chris shows you two super powerful, but incredibly simple strategies that’ll have you regarded as an expert in your industry in now time. Just click play below!

Join The Youpreneur Academy

Join the Youpreneur Academy

Wondering how YOU become a Youpreneur?

You need to define who you are, pinpoint your ideal client, build a presence online and then market and monetize your Youpreneur business.

To do all of that on your own would be almost impossible – or at the very least, would take a long time to master.

Which is PRECISELY why we created the Youpreneur Academy!

So What Exactly Do You Get?

The Youpreneur Academy is built on 3 pillars:

  • Our world-class training library
  • Our exclusive roadmap
  • Our supportive community
  • All fast-tracked and built from what we know GET RESULTS!

At the Academy, you get EVERYTHING you will ever need to create your very own profitable business based around your personal brand and expertise.

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